Al Wifaq Scientific bureau is well qualified , 1st class , registered Iraqi scientific bureau with different medical specialties  As a scientific bureau we extend this sense of togetherness to the way we do business with our business partners , suppliers and customers . We strive to maintain a focus on people communicating, consulting, advising and completing projects with a human touch . In addition to our focus on ” quality ” and ” integrity ” . we are proud of what we in Al Wifaq SB. we have achieved together thus far , and we look forward to the future and to reaching even greater horizons in the years to come and continue our rule in there re-built of the new Iraq together with our local and International Partners … Today and after the security situation improved in Iraq , al Wifaq SB start to prepare itself by taking agencies from major companies around the world to meet the requirements of re – built Iraq and from our position we are calling for all international companies whom will like to participate in the new stages of re – built Iraq to move one step forward and remember that they will found us in front of them as true partner .